OMB Vibrating Motors

Bearings Distributors is OMB’s sole agent in South Africa and it’s neighboring countries Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. We have been importing, marketing and distributing the OMB range since 2001 and have enjoyed tremendous success in many industries through several OEM (original equipment manufacturing) clients. The mining, foundry, construction, marine and materials handling sectors are where we have enjoyed our biggest growth.

The main product groups from the OMB range that we supply are:

BM Series Three-Phase Vibrating Motors:

- 2 Poles / 3000rpm 50Hz – 3600rpm 60Hz [PDF]
- 4 Poles / 1500rpm 50Hz – 1800rpm 60Hz [PDF]
- 6 Poles / 1000rpm 50Hz – 1200rpm 60Hz [PDF]
- 8 Poles / 750rpm 50Hz – 900rpm 60Hz [PDF]

BM-M Series Single Phase Motors:

- 2 Poles / 3000rpm 50Hz – 3600rpm 60Hz [PDF]

BM Series “Coupled” Motors:

- BM – Coupled Series [PDF]

VBM-2 Series Mini Vibrator Motors:

- VBM-2 Series [PDF]

BMCC Series Direct Current Motors:

- BMCC Series [PDF]

Pneumatic Vibrator Motors:

- BG Series [PDF]

Full Range of OMB Vibrator Motors:

- Complete OMB Catalogue [PDF]

Applications for these vibrating motors are numerous. OMB Vibrating Motors are widely used on many of the following applications:

 Production of Aggregates - Crushing Plants
 Batching Plants
 Demolitions and Recycling for Demolitions
 Mineral Extraction
 Plasic Materials
 Metal Finishing Treatment
 Depuration and Suction
 Chemical Industry and Painting Plants
 Packaging and Packing
 Ecology and Recycling
 Milling Trade, Food Industry and Zoothechnical and Oil