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This is something that usually differentiates between reliable professional companies and those that are merely average. We would like to believe that we are near the top of the list as far as this is concerned. After all, it is what we pride ourselves on!

One of our strengths no doubt is in our sourcing abilities. Should the product you are searching for not form part of our standard stock or product range and also not readily available locally in South Africa, we will endeavor to source this product for you anywhere in the world. We will be able to quote you according to your desired lead time. Our "breakdown" delivery times are usually between 48Hrs and 72Hrs from anywhere overseas, as long as the product is off the shelf and not subject to a manufacturing time period. This greatly reduces downtime for the customer where every hour of production that is lost can cripple a budget, not to mention potentially cripple a company.

With regard to our standard service levels to our customers locally, we offer 24Hrs service, 365 days a year. We are not negotiable on this at all, as it is our way of rewarding our customers for their unquestionable loyalty.

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